The True Value of Timely Data and Customer Insights in Senior Living

The True Value of Timely Data and Customer Insights in Senior Living

“I don’t want to be sold.”

That’s what I told my friend during a conversation about finding senior living accommodations for my parents, who are 85 and 90.

When it comes to finding the right place for my mom and dad, I don’t want to be sold something. I want to make an educated decision and choose what’s best for me and the people I love.

There are so many options when it comes to aging lifestyles that, to me, it’s important to interact with someone who sees my parents as actual people—not just a potential “sale.”

We created LifestyleCX to improve the customer experience in senior care and senior living.

I’m not only the adult daughter of two aging parents, I’ve also worked for over 12 years in the senior living industry—both on the tech side and as a provider in resident services. 

My advice to providers in senior living and care is really simple: get personal. 

Find out what’s on your customers’ minds, what their biggest concerns are, what they’re interested in, how they prefer to be contacted, and anything else that enables you to get to know them on a deeper level. This lifestyle data is critical when it comes to personalizing the customer experience and customizing your offerings—which is what consumers expect today 

We believe that senior living providers can learn a lot from the retail industry. 

“Consumers expect highly personalized shopping experiences from retailers and are willing to spend more money when brands deliver targeted recommendations,” a recent report on personalization from Segment says. 

What’s more, that same report found that 71% of consumers express some level of frustration when their shopping experience is impersonal.

There’s an easy fix: soliciting personalized data. 

It’s not as hard as it might sound. A recent Salesforce study found that 57% of consumers were willing to share personal data in exchange for a personalized experience and discounted items.

The data shows that personalization advances the customer relationship and increases conversion. But the biggest question remains: How do you collect that valuable data in a timely and non-instructive way and leverage those insights to better serve your customers?

The answer is simple: Just ask them!

LifestyleCX has demonstrated that—given the opportunity to share specific lifestyle data for a more personalized customer experience—consumers will share data. More importantly, to enjoy a personalized experience, they will share more given the opportunity to do it from the privacy of their own homes through experiential easy-to-use surveys.

Personalization is a crucial part of the customer experience. With the intelligent use of data, providers have the ability to create relevant and unique experiences that hold the attention of customers and create loyalty over the long term. Since loyal customers may only account for up to 15% of your customer base but can generate up to 70% of your revenue, this is a big deal.

Contact LifestyleCX to find out more about how you can build rich stores of prospect data that support your marketing and sales initiatives, giving you the insights you need to differentiate your offering. 

When it comes to winning and keeping business, knowing the little things is everything—and LifestyleCX can help make it all happen.

Brenda Limone is COO and co-founder of LifestyleCX. She has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business development professional, and executive in senior housing and SaaS sales. Brenda is passionate about senior living and played a prominent role in developing and supporting national initiatives on the subject over the last several years. She is the daughter and caregiver for her aging parents, who are 85 and 90, and her adult sister who has disabilities.

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