We empower care teams to know their customers better and deliver a more personalized customer experience.



Knowing the little things is everything when creating the perfect experience to win and keep clients. 



Predictive modeling creates lead scoring, expands client profiles, and provides recommendations to drive next steps and build long-lasting relationships. 



LifestyleCX leads you through the sales process with tools to build custom profiles and personalize services, so you attract, close and keep more customers. ​​

Fruit or flowers? Mystery or biography?

LifestyleCX precisely matches consumers with care providers based on preference profiling, BI, machine learning, and a powerful recommendation engine. Providers use insights to personalize experiences that attract clients and deliver customized care.

Consumers build detailed personal profiles and are matched to the right providers. Surveys contain “golden questions” for invaluable insights into mindset and needs, as they explore a continuum of care options.


Provider Profiles

Your businesses profile is listed on our matching website. Register to enhance it for better matches. Access your custom profiling tools to increase sales and generate leads.


Consumer Matching

A data driven approach to matching consumers with the perfect provider. Our trusted platform and recommendation engine, precisely matches mature adults with the right care providers to create personalized consumer options.


Streamline Sales

We guide your sales process and provide you with valuable lifestyle data, ensuring you manage communications, surveys, and notifications to potential clients as they move through their care selection.

More Insights, Better Matches, More Wins

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