Senior Living Sales. Evolved.

LifestyleCX helps you gain powerful prospect insights using our experiential survey in your existing marketing channels. 

Collect the lifestyle data that matters—and leads to sales.

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Process + Technology = Actionable Insights

LifestyleCX helps you ask the right questions at the right time. Our rich survey tool helps your sales and community teams personalize their engagement based on that data. Building prospects and resident relationships is the key to personalized selling. Knowing the little things is everything.

Features & Benefits

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Easy to Use App
& Tools

With simple setup and world-class customer support it’s never been easier to have better conversations. 

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Interactive & Engaging Surveys

Our simple surveys are purpose-built to help you close; more, better, and much faster. 

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Deepen Discovery by Knowing More

Prequalify your prospects by collecting important lifestyle data.

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Communicate on Your Prospects Terms

Emailing a prospect when they’re expecting a call guarantees a missed sales opportunity.

Unprecedented Value. Unlocked.

Personalized Conversations.

Rich Prospect Profiles

Communication Preferences

Increased Closed Rates

Accelerated Sales Cycles

Share Prospect Profiles with Team

Get the LifestyleCX Infographic

Is your prospect data valuable, visual, and actionable? 

Today’s top performing sales team have valuable insights ready at a moment’s notice. Our helpful infographic is a great place to discover some of our recent research into what matters for seniors and their families.

Our infographic includes answers to the questions you’ve often wondered, like;

  • Who is searching for senior living services?
  • What is most important to seniors and their families when search for living arrangements?
  • What is the most common decision timeline?

And much, much more.

2019 Senior Living Trends - Personalization

Every senior living conference I’ve attended over the last 12 years has shared a unifying theme: personalization is essential to all facets of the industry—whether in reference to care, customer service or anything in between…


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